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What is SoS?

Your organization and its customers face identity theft risks every day. With SoS Advisor, Employee EDU, BadPhish and SoS Executive, Stickley on Security will dramatically reduce those risks while increasing your customer loyalty.
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SoS Advisor

SoS Advisor was designed to address the customer security education and awareness needs of your organization. We understand that the security threats your customers face change daily. That's why SoS provides new content everyday specifically written for your customers.
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Some of the biggest cyber security breaches in US history have started with a malicious email received by an unsuspecting employee. Using his past 25 years of experience breaking into organizations, Stickley has created BadPhish, the definitive next generation phishing simulator and education solution.
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Employee EDU

Potential new threats against your organization emerge daily. Employee EDU is designed to ensure your staff is prepared. Through our monthly security education and awareness solution your staff will not only be trained about important security topics but also be made aware and tested on the latest security threats.
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Fraud Education Made Easy!

When your customers and employees become victims of identity theft or fraud, it costs your organization time and money.

In many cases, the incident could have been easily avoided if not for small mistakes. Stickley on Security is dedicated to the advancement of security education and awareness through comprehensive multi-media content. With new content released almost every day, your customers and employees will be kept aware of the latest security threats and what they can do to protect themselves and your organization.

When most people think of customer or employee education they generally think of a static web page that outlines basic security risks such as phishing attacks. The problem is that criminals are continually evolving their scams and new types of vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Static information simply becomes dated too quickly. That's why Stickley on Security provides comprehensive, fully customizable education and awareness solutions. SoS Advisor, our customer edcaution solution, can be integrated into any existing web page through just a single line of code and Employee EDU can be incorporated with an existing training program or used as your standalone education solution.

Now your organization can truly keep your customers and employees informed about the latest fraud risks and more importantly aware of what they can do to prevent falling victim. Learn More...

It only takes a few minutes to find out how SoS Advisor, BadPhish and Employee EDU can help your organization reduce fraud through education and awareness.
Seriously, if you have not seen a demo yet, you really should schedule one today!

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Most organization are continually looking for quality content to publish through their social media accounts. SoS Advisor was not only designed to reduce fraud through customer education but also to build your social media presence and increase your organizations web traffic.

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