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SoS Education & Awareness Solutions

For organizations, the idea of trying to keep your customers up to date about the latest security risks can be a full time job. With identity theft threats, scams, malware and other types of attacks continually evolving, the days of simply writing a couple paragraphs about security tips is simply no longer enough.

Through the SoS solutions, Stickley on Security has developed two security awareness and education options that are designed to not only meet your organizations budget, but actually keep your customers and executives up to date with the very latest threats. More importantly, each solution can be implemented into your existing website within just a few minutes!
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SoS Advisor

SoS Executive

What Advanced solution is best for you?

  • SoS Advisor
    Scams, identity theft, viruses, worms and credit card fraud are happening more frequently today than ever before. Your customers are continually alarmed by these threats to their financial information and are looking to their financial institutions for help. SoS Advisor is the first and only customer advisor solution. SoS Advisor will educate your customers about the many security risks they face and proactively keep them informed about new breaches, threats, and attacks. SoS Advisor also provides your customers with helpful tips necessary to stay one step ahead of the identity thief. SoS Advisor is a cost effective solution that turns your website or online banking application into a comprehensive customer security advisor.   Learn More...
  • SoS Executive
    Executives and their board members face a never ending challenge of keeping up with the latest security threats. Often third party solutions are required to address these concerns but with such a large range of options and price points, it's often difficult choosing the right solution at the right price. In addition, results from risk assessments, penetration tests, IT audits and other security assessment reports can often leave the executives with more questions than answers. SoS Executive is the first and only information security advisor designed specifically for board members and executives. Through this offering, board members and executive staff are kept current with the latest security threats that impact their financial institution.   Learn More...

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